TED X - The Age Of Care

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Ted X

The Age Of Care

TED X approached us to be part of a re-branding project that saw us involved in the creative process from the initial stages during the first period of the pandemic. The concept that emerged was born as a consequence of the long lockdown we experienced, finding ourselves forced to stop and reflect, re-evaluating urgencies and priorities, looking for alternative solutions. From these feelings arose the desire to react, to resurrect, to heal and take care of things.
Time for care (The age of care).
Taking care is a value. It is taking care of people, bodies and souls, of diversity, of the environment, of artistic heritage, of scientific research, of the words with which we shape the world, of sensitive data, of the future of the next generations. Care contains in itself a change, the confidence in improvement and a rebirth after a dark period. Caring embraces hope, self-love, and love of people, things, and situations outside of ourselves; taking care presupposes attention to the surrounding and a personal and collective commitment. In the era of care, it is time for true corporate social responsibility and brand activism. We wanted to announce the time to heal wounds, to regain possession of beauty to feel light and full of life. We have therefore decided to represent this concept by re-interpreting Renaissance symbols that we have transformed into styles imbued with modernity and contemporaneity. By decontextualizing the iconic sculpture of David, transporting it to new environments between the future and the past, we wanted to imagine a new post-pandemic world in which beauty and care would once again be the protagonists.



Creative Direction: GRIND STUDIO
Design and 3D Animation: GRIND STUDIO
Year: 2021

Selected Works

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TED X The Age Of Care3d Animation, Motion Design

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MONCLER Brand ProtectionProduct Design, Luxury, Fashion

RAY BAN OctagonProduct Design, Luxury, Fashion

DIADORA The Step ManifestoTyphography, Design, Beauty

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MORESQUE FragranceProduct Design, Beauty

MAZZOLARI Since 1881Typhography Design, Beauty

LORO PIANA At HomeMotion Design - Character Animation - Illustration